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Claremont Graduate University: Information Systems and Technology

Master's Degree: Master's of Science in Information Systems and Technology (MSIST)
Doctoral Degree: PhD in Information Systems and Technology

Claremont Graduate University School of Information Systems and Technology prepares professionals and educators to be outstanding leaders who will effect business and societal change through the use of technology. Their faculty are among the most published and active researchers in the field, partnering with them is essential to a student’s success not only in the classroom, but in the professional world. They offer master’s and doctoral degrees, and have provided coursework in the master’s program to JPL and Caltech employees at the Caltech campus for nearly five years.

Master's of Science in Information Systems and Technology Program (MSIST)

The 11-course Master's program is based on the model Master's curriculum recommended by the Association of Information Systems (AIS). Student’s can customize their education by focused study in one of three specialization groups, these are: E-Government, Social Learning Software and Network Security and Crisis Management. Additionally, students may pursue GIS Solutions Development as a concentration within the MSIST program.

For more information about the Master’s Program and the PhD, please contact the Claremont Graduate University's Center for Information Systems & Technology (CISAT) by phone at 909-621-8209, or visit

Caltech Contact

Priscilla Gubatan