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University of Redlands: Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB)

The University of Redlands offers evening degree programs for working adults. The Bachelor of Science in Business is designed for individuals who want to pursue or advance their chosen career.

The Bachelor of Science in Business is a practical program designed to enhance the knowledge and effectiveness of business professionals by linking their experiences with theories taught in the modern classroom. Students learn how to apply business concepts by solving problems, synthesizing information as reflective practitioners, and integrating knowledge learned in real-world and classroom settings.

  • Learn business functions and how to apply them in response to internal and external environmental factors.
  • Synthesize information by diagnosis situations and prescribing solutions as a reflective practitioner of business.
  • Integrate the knowledge acquired inside and outside of the classroom into a broad understanding of business systems.
  • Think critically, act ethically, and communicate effectively as individuals, in team settings, and as part of an organization.
  • Apply an integrated disciplinary analysis to practical decision-making and leadership practices.

University of Redlands Contact

Pamela Allen, 818-840-1180

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