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University of Redlands - Master's Degree: Arts in Management (MAM)

The curriculum design of the M.A. in management is based on extensive research by Redlands’ faculty on the capabilities and knowledge needed for management success. A successful manager is one who has the awareness and knowledge necessary to lead. To prepare managers for this leadership role, the skills and learning are focused in four strategic areas:

People management skills determine how people handle relationships. Focused topics are such as managing conflict, collaboration, and guiding group and organizational change.

Personal skills determine how people manage themselves. Students learn to develop an ongoing awareness of their values and emotions, the ability to manage time, and the capacity to learn throughout life.

Analytical reasoning skills determine how people think about the world. Instruction revolves around strategic critical-thinking skills such as solving ethical problems and writing for different audiences.

Management knowledge increases as students gain a deeper understanding of key management topics. Students develop competencies in such areas as organizational learning and theory, interpersonal communication, business ethics, motivation, and leadership.

Students demonstrate their ability to comprehend, apply, and analyze management situations by creating possible solutions to identified organizational challenges and evaluating the appropriateness of their recommendations.

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