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Employee & Organizational Development

Employee & Organizational Development (EOD) encompasses three traditional human resource areas:

    • Disability & Leave Administration
    • Employee Relations
    • Organizational Development

These areas work together to meet your organizational needs. It is our goal to help your department or team proactively identify challenges, create opportunities and meet goals.

If you have questions or need assistance, we encourage you to call the EOD Hotline at (626) 395-6382.


It is our ultimate goal to ensure that Caltech continues as a viable, successful and thriving organization. We want to ensure that our community is operating in a way that is ethical and compliant, and fair and responsive to employee needs. We respond to critical matters that are currently affecting you or your work group.


EOD is interested in crafting ideas, activities and options that allow the entire Caltech community to strive for excellence. We believe in creating pathways, bridges, and connections between ideas and results.


As an organization we are curious. We want to know what each employee, work group, unit, and division does so that we can help you create long-term strategic plans. We call it being curiously strategic.