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Direct Deposit

For your convenience, Caltech employees are eligible to participate in the Payroll Direct Deposit program. Employees who have a savings or checking account with almost any bank or financial institution in the United States are eligible to participate.

If you choose to participate in the direct deposit program, your net pay will automatically be credited to your personal checking and/or savings account each payday. You will receive an earnings statement in lieu of a paycheck, which reflects the same information that is shown on the paycheck "stub."

You may send your direct deposit to more than one banking institution. If you desire, your net check can be split between checking and saving accounts. Please complete and sign separate authorization agreements for each banking account that you wish to have your net check deposited.

To have your net pay deposited directly to your accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete and sign an authorization agreement form for each electronic fund transfer (EFT).

  2. Validate the bank routing number with your banking institution.

  3. Submit a voided blank check (for checking accounts) and the completed agreement to the Records Services office in Human Resources.

Please Note:

  • Automatic deposits should begin with the next pay period after your request has been processed.

  • Any changes of banking institutions or account numbers requires the completion of a new request and submitting the request to the Records Services Department, 1200 East California Blvd., Mail Code 154-84, Pasadena, CA 91125 prior to the end of the pay period.

  • When changing bank accounts, please keep your old account open until your check has been electronically deposited.