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Taxation Status (W-2s and W-4s)

How to Obtain Duplicate W-2s

If you have not received your W-2 by January 31 or you have misplaced it, there are two ways to obtain a replacement.

The first is to visit the Payroll Office and present appropriate identification. In most cases, you will be able to secure a duplicate W-2 at that time.

The second method is to print a Request for W-2 Form. After you complete and sign that form, please mail to the Payroll Office at M/C 156-84 or fax it to (626) 584-0138. After receiving your request, the Payroll Office will prepare a duplicate W-2 and either mail it to your home/department mail code, or call to let you know you may pick it up in Human Resources. Depending on a number of factors, providing a duplicate W-2 reissue can take approximately from 1 to 10 days.

Taxation Status (W-4s)

The Federal form W-4 and State form DE 4 are designed to tell the employer (Caltech) 

  1. How many withholding allowances you are claiming, a number that will determine the amount to withhold from your wages for Federal and or State Income tax.

  2. Indicates your marital status and tells the employer if the employee is claiming totally exempt (US citizen and Legal Permanent Resident) from withholding.

  3. May also indicate if you wish to have additional dollar amount withheld beyond the amount based on the withholding allowances claimed.  

Tools and Links

To amend a prior form W-4, forms can be obtained at the following locations and mailed to MC 156-84: 

Employee Type Location
Academic Faculty Faculty Records office, Human Resources 
Graduate Research or Teaching Assistant Graduate Office, Human Resources
Academic Non-faculty Human Resources
Staff Human Resources


Note for Non-Resident Aliens (Federal only)

  1. Non-Resident Aliens who are residents of countries other than Canada, Mexico, Japan, or the Republic of Korea are allowed only one withholding allowance.

  2. Staff and Academic Non-Faculty employees who are foreign nationals that qualify for treaty exemption must complete form 8233 and a statement in the Human Resource office.

  3. Faculty employees must complete form 8233 and statement in the Faculty records office.