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Policies & Personnel Memoranda

Institute Policies for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Institute Staff Personnel Policies (Personnel Memoranda)

PM# PM Name
8 Motor Vehicle Use Policy
9 Employment
9-1 Minors
9-3 Outside Activities
10-1 Rate Ranges by Classification
Student Ranges (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Wage and Salary Plan - Caltech Student Employees on Campus
(Being revised. Contact Compensation 626-395-4233 for assistance.)

10-4 Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants, and Graduate Laboratory Assistants
11 Hours of Work, Workweek, Workday, 
Shifts, Overtime, Pay Premiums
11-3 Employee Timekeeping
11-4 Non-Exempt Alternate Workweek Schedule
12 Employee Personnel Records
13 Problem Resolution Policy and Process
for Campus Staff and Employees at JPL
14 Terminations
15-2 Paid Time Off for Benefit Based Employees 
15-7 Military Leave
15-8  Paid Time Off for Non-Benefit Based Employees
15-15 Tuition Reimbursement Plan
15-18 Tuition Exemption for Children of Employees
15-22 Domestic Partners
17 Patent Policy
25 Personal Leaves of Absence
26 Employee Medical and Family Care Leaves
27 Other Leaves of Absence
31 Service Date
32 Uniforms and Special Clothing
33 Ridesharing
-- Limited Distribution Personnel Memoranda

Notices & Administrative Guidelines