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Workers' Compensation

Caltech provides Workers' Compensation insurance for its employees. Workers' compensation laws are designed to help protect employees and their families from the financial consequences of injuries, illnesses, or death arising out of and in the course of their employment. The costs of medical treatment and disability payments for occupational injuries and illnesses are covered by the Institute’s workers' compensation insurance policy. 

If you have any questions regarding workers’ compensation or if you have sustained a work-related injury, in addition to reporting the event to your supervisor, you may wish to call the Disability & Leave Administration Unit at (626) 395-3092 or email us at

Treatment of Injuries

For emergencies, including serious injuries, call security at x5000 or (626) 395-5000 for paramedic service.

For first-aid injuries, administer first-aid treatment using the department first-aid kit.

For injuries requiring more than first-aid treatment, contact the workers' compensation administrator at (626) 395-3092 so that authorization can be coordinated with the appropriate medical facility. The employee will be sent to an occupational clinic for medical treatment.

For work-related injuries occurring after hours, holidays or weekends, either go to the emergency room (PDF) at the Huntington Memorial Hospital or go to the nearest emergency room.

For treatment by personal physician, the employee must have submitted a predesignated physician form to the Disability and Leave Administration Unit prior to an injury or illness occurring.

Transportation of Injured Workers

The injured employee can transport him/herself to the occupational doctor if able. If the injury is serious enough to seek medical treatment and the employee is unable to transport himself or herself to the occupational doctor, cab service or paramedics will be provided at no charge. Caltech discourages supervisors and co-workers from transporting injured employees due to liability issues.

Please call (626) 395-4701 to arrange for cab service for nonemergencies. The security department at (626) 395-5000 will contact paramedics for emergencies.

Reporting an Injury

  1. If you are injured, please notify your supervisor immediately. In cases of emergency, contact security at x5000 or (626) 395-5000. 
  2. Supervisors or managers should verbally notify the workers’ compensation administrator of any injury beyond first aid as soon as possible but at least within 24 hours, at (626) 395-3092.
  3. An Employee Claim Form for Worker's Compensation Benefits and an Employee Accident Report Form will be mailed to the injured employee.
  4. The employee will complete his/her portion of the forms and return them to the Disability & Leave Administration Unit at Mail Code 168-84 within three working days of receipt of the forms.
  5. The supervisor will investigate the incident and complete a Supervisor's Injury Investigation, and email the completed form to then return the completed form to the Disability & Leave Administration Unit at Mail Code 168-84 within three working days after the incident..