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stickK is an online solution that leverages leading principles in behavioral economics to help you reach your personal wellness goals. Users create a "Commitment Contract" - a binding agreement to change behavior by attaching rewards, accountability, and social reinforcement to each goal, dramatically improving your success.

In collaboration with, the Commit@Caltech portal offers you the chance to earn prizes for personal achievement and wellness goals.


There are 4 simple steps to creating a Commitment Contract:

  1. Select a goal - Lose weight, exercise regularly; you decide!
  2. Add accountability (optional) - Invite a friend or colleague to verify your reports.
  3. Collect points - Earn points for creating a commitment, tracking progress, reporting success.
  4. Earn rewards - Earn great prizes just for creating and succeeding inyour goals!

For security reasons, do not use your access.caltech username and password when creating a profile on Commit@Caltech.