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External Affiliates

Caltech maintains formal relationships with other organizations in the scientific and business community.  These relationships may be focused on scientific endeavors or they may be more business oriented and in the joint interest of both Caltech and the external organization.   In some cases, the employees of these external organizations work on campus alongside Caltech employees.  In other situations, Caltech has an agreement with the organization to process their medical and dental benefits.   Individuals who work for these organizations are identified for campus purposes as External Affiliates. 

Caltech External Affiliates Definition

 An External Affiliate is an individual whose working group/organization has a formal working relationship with the Institute.  

External Affiliate groups include:  Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), USGS, Thirty-Meter-Telescope (TMT), Huntington Library, California Association for Research in Astronomy (CARA), Caltech Y, Caltech Employees Credit Union (CEFCU),  Caltech Childcare Center (CCC),  JPL Child Education Center (CEC), Glendale Community College or Pasadena Community College work study students, temp employee agencies, and other organizations that have MOUs or contracts with Caltech.  

Human Resources enters External Affiliate personal, organization and location information into the Oracle HR system for the following reasons:

  • Safety - Many of these organizations’ employees are housed on or near campus, so their safety is important to Caltech.  Entering the External Affiliate’s information into Oracle provides Caltech with basic contact information and links them to our automated security notification system should an emergency arise.
  • Access - External Affiliates may be provided access to email, computer systems, buildings or labs, on-campus parking, the library, and other services on an as-needed basis, as determined by the sponsoring Division or Department.  
  • Benefits - The External Affiliate group may also have an agreement with the Institute to purchase medical and dental benefits for its employees through the Institute.   Some of these individuals may not be on campus, but because they are set up with benefits, they have an Oracle record.

Processes and Forms to send to Human Resources (MC 154-84 or

If the External Affiliate will be on campus or affiliated for more than one week, the Division or Department works with the External Affiliate to complete the following forms and forward them to Human Resources at Mail Code 154-84 or for entry into Oracle.

  • External Affiliate Data Sheet --- The data sheet includes required personal information and a section describing the external affiliate’s proposed activities (which organization, when, what kind of activities, etc).  If the External Affiliate has not been at Caltech before, the information in this form will be used to set up a new Oracle record and a Caltech UID will be generated.  If the External Affiliate has an existing Oracle record, the information will be used to update the original record.
  • Confidentiality and Non-Dislosure Agreement for Temporary Assignments should be signed by the External Affiliate and the External Affiliate’s supervisor or Division Administrator.
  • Patent Agreement signed by the External Affiliate.
  • Other forms may be required by the Division or Department, depending on the activity.

If the individual will be on campus for one week or less, it is up to the Division or Department to maintain records on the individual for safety/security purposes. 

External Affiliates who require a Caltech ID card and are new or returning to Caltech as an External Affiliate will need to work with Human Resources to get an ID Card. 

When the External Affiliate is no longer affiliated or no longer needs to have campus access, the Division or Department collects the ID card (if applicable) and notifies Human Resources of the External Affiliate’s departure date so the Oracle record can be closed out and any access privileges may be ended in a timely fashion.