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Thank You from the Foothill Unity Center

December 19, 2011
A message from the Foothill Unity Center:

One of our "elves" wrote this poem and I think it says it all. I thought you might enjoy it and maybe share it with the HR staff. Thanks to all for your support.
- Catherine May

Angels and Elves
By Sylvia Miller (one of our "elves")

Some parents need help this time of year
To make Christmas morning a time of good cheer
For children who are innocent of the lot they are dealt.
Maybe there are Angels out there who will help!
Foothill Unity puts out the call
For Angels in local communities all.
Some Elves have gathered in a warehouse so cold.
There'll be plenty of Angels, for sure, they are told.
The Elves make up bags (for families who filed),
With clothes and toys and books for each child.
But Mary wants a sweater and pants to keep warm
But neither is around in her size to conform.
Dave wants some Legos or a skateboard for fun.
But searching the warehouse, the Elves find none.
Just as they are expressing their fear,
Lo and behold, some Angels appear!
The Angels bring Tigger and Winnie-the-Pooh,
Soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs, too,
Card games and board games, puzzles, and kites,
Erector sets, Legos, transformers with lights,
Novels of werewolves and vampires and bats,
Little Red Riding Hood, The Cat in The Hat,
Books for toddlers that go "Ding Dong",
Discs with movies and Justin Bieber songs,
Teddy bears, horses, dinosaurs, ants,
Big dolls and little dolls that pee in their pants,
Bratz dolls, and Barbies with clothes of angora,
Fairies and Dora, the well-known explora,
Big cars and little cars, fire engines, too,
Skateboads, knee pads, helmets (wahoo!),
Play stoves for making the highest cuisine,
And potions for turning Jane's hair red and green.

Finally much-needed clothes can be seen
For babies and toddlers and juniors and `teens
Skinny jeans, fat jeans, sweaters, and tees,
PJs and leggings and even undies,
More and more Angels appear through the door,
Angels who carefully watch o're the poor.
Elves are now busy, filling the bags
As fast as they can and putting on tags.
They're there at the warehouse day after day,
Filling hundreds of bags `til their hairs turn gray.
But you don't need to worry. The Elves will be fine.
Their evenings are filled with Motrin and wine.
Finally, the bags are all out the door.
No, wait! Late sign-ups mean there are more!
Too late to get Angels. More shopping! (what fun)
And fast-action Elves work to get the job done!
Distribution of bags is a sight to behold!
A thousand parents wait in the cold.
Needing help this way brings tears to their eyes,
But their love and their actions prove they are wise.
The warehouse is empty now. Christmas is past.
To you I'll leave one thought at the last:
Even though now it may seem like a dream,
Angels and Elves make a wonderful Team!

December 2011