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Tuition Reimbursement


HR must approve your 15-15A before you enroll in your course.

This plan requires a two part application process:
1) a 15-15A application must be submitted for acceptance to the plan.
2) a 15-15B application must be submitted for reimbursement.

The Caltech Tuition Reimbursement Plan provides eligible employees with the opportunity to obtain, maintain, or improve their professional capabilities through participation in courses of study at accredited colleges and universities, and at accredited organizations specializing in job and career-related training.

PLEASE NOTE OUR PROCESS HAS CHANGED – ALL applications must be submitted online via the links below. If you need further assistance or a paper application, please contact us at [email protected] or 626.395.3204.

  1. READ the policy - PM 15-15 for information, guidelines and to determine eligibility.
  2. NOTIFY your supervisor - All applications must be approved by an employee's direct supervisor. For graduate degrees a department manager or division chair approval is also required. Please let them know to expect an approval request via email once you submit your application.
  3. APPLY for HR APPROVAL - BEFORE registering for a course, submit a 15-15A application (link above) for approval to the Tuition Reimbursement plan.
  4. APPLY for REIMBURSEMENT - AFTER completing a course, submit a 15-15B application (link above) for approval of reimbursement.

15-15A Application: What You Will Need

  • Your Caltech UID.
  • Your Supervisor's email.
  • Division Chair or Department Manager's email (Graduate Degrees ONLY).
  • Program, certificate or course information (link to school website is preferred).
  • Your current Job Description - if you do not have a copy of your current job description, please reach out to [email protected] to obtain one.
15-15B Application: What You Will Need

  • Your Caltech UID.
  • Your Supervisor's email.
  • Proof of successful completion of the program, certificate or course.
  • Itemized bill receipt.

Contact HR Programs & Engagement with any questions at [email protected] or 626.395.3204.


The annual (calendar year) limits are as follows:

  • Career-related undergraduate or graduate degree program - $5,250
  • Job-related graduate degree program - $10,000
  • Certificate program - $3,000
  • Additional training - $5,250

The maximum amount an employee may be reimbursed per calendar year is $10,000.

HR will determine this based on the job description.

Please allow about 2 weeks to process 15-15A applications from the time that all required documents have been submitted and supervisor approvals have been received. You will receive a decision notification to your email.

No. As stated in PM 15-15; section 5, "In order to be eligible for reimbursement, an employee must first obtain the supervisor's approval for the program prior to enrollment. The employee's supervisor must review and certify that the program for which the employee is applying meets the specified criteria. Following certification by the employee's supervisor, the proposed course(s) must be assessed and approved in advance by Human Resources."