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Keys to Unlocking Your Potential

Lesson 01 - Elevating Your Career and Personal Brand
Discover the elements of professional branding in 2022 including tools and resources to help grow your professional brand.
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Lesson 02 - How to Keep a Positive Outlook
Discover useful Outlook features and ‘hacks' beyond the navigation pane to coordinate calendars, organize your inbox and work in the Cloud with Office 365. In this session you'll learn new ways to manage your inbox, craft effective messages, and use Outlook features to be more productive and efficient.
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Lesson 03 - P3 Powerful PowerPoint Presentations
Learn the basic tools and tips to deliver effective PowerPoint presentations. Whether delivering a presentation virtually or in person.

Lesson 04 - Journeys in Higher Education
Senior leaders provide their perspectives on higher education as a whole and the unique culture found within Caltech. Conversation moderated by Ofelia Velazquez-Perez, director, employee and organizational development.

Lesson 05 - Leading from Where You Are
Join us for an engaging session that will provide you with keys to unlocking your leadership in whatever position you have in your organization.